Mulberry coloured venus

Hello there, you mulberry-coloured Venus,
I've been following round London for a while;
you shouldn't let my whiteness come between us,
so show to me how radiant you smile.

Imagine in the garden of Eden,
there'd be fig leaves, and us throwing them away.
There'd be no one to ridicule our freedom,
so our loving would be open every day.

Forget for now that Eden is a poem,
forget for now that London is a town,
remember that the winds of change are blowing,
and the Tower itself will tumble down.

I'll love you both in sunlight and in showers,
and a coffee-coloured daughter we'll await.
I'll garland her with necklaces and flowers,
and I'll shield her from the attitudes of hate.

She'll have Indians and Asians for her lovers,
and her children will be coloured as of gold,
in the manner of a multitude of others -
for the world must be reshapen in their mould.

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Recorded 1969